Tiger's Blood

Tiger’s Blood 10:10

The High Spirit’s Tiger’s Blood cannabis drink is one of our most innovative products. Utilizing nano-emulsion technology and a delicious flavor, the Tiger’s Blood shot is great on it’s own or as an addition to a non-alcoholic cocktail. Combining the incredible flavors of Ginger, Lemon, & Hibiscus with our Nano-Emulsified cannabis extracts makeup our most popular drink, Tiger’s Blood.

What’s in the Shot?

Container: 3oz
Delta 9 THC: 10mg
CBD: 10mg

Ingredients: lemon juice, organic cane sugar, distilled water, ginger juice, quillaja extract, cbd extract, fractionated coconut oil, modified lecithin , rosemary antioxidant, potassium sorbate, less than 2% of: dried hibiscus (roselle)

Made In Nashville, TN

All the High Spirits cannabis elixers are made in our home town of Nashville, TN to ensure the accuracy and quality.

Federally Legal Delta 9 THC

High Spirit’s uses Federally legal Delta 9 THC sourced from the highest testing Farm Bill compliant hemp.

Zero Proof Spirits

Use Tiger’s Blood as an alternative to alcohol. Drink on its own or create your own mocktail to enjoy a late-night sip without alcohol.

Nano-Emulsified Cannabis

Nano emulsification is a process that breaks down the particles of cannabis oil into smaller sizes, making
them water-soluble. This means that the cannabis molecules can be easily absorbed by the
body, resulting in a faster onset of effects and a more consistent and predictable
experience. High Spirits Tiger’s Blood uses this technology to create a cannabis-infused drink that
offers a faster, more efficient and reliable way to consume cannabis.

Elixirs Engineered For Enlightenment

Alcohol Free Spirits

The combination of cannabis extract with soothing ginger, tart lemon, and fragrant hibiscus creates a perfectly balanced taste with just enough natural sweetness.

Drink on it’s own or create a delicious mocktail. The options are unlimited.

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