High Spirits Cannabis Drinks

Iberian Juniper 10:10

Introducing our latest innovation: the 10:10 (THC to CBD) nano-emulsified Iberian Juniper with an extra kick. This unique creation is meticulously crafted for individuals in pursuit of a refined and daring journey. Elevating its potency to triple that of our standard offering, this extraordinary formulation defines the pinnacle of strength.

Our High Spirits elixirs not only meet but exceed the most rigorous quality benchmarks, outshining even organic produce and over-the-counter remedies commonly found in local grocery outlets.

What’s in the Shot?

Container: 3oz
D9 THC: 10mg
CBD: 10mg

Ingredients: Coming soon

10:10 THC/CBD Ratio

Each 3oz shot contains an equal amount of THC & CBD to provide users with well rounded cannabis drink.

Federally Legal Delta 9 THC

High Spirit utilizes Delta 9 THC from Farm Bill compliant hemp that meets the highest federal standards.

Zero Proof Spirits

Use Forbidden Fruit as an alternative to alcohol for a late night sip. It can be enjoyed on its own, or used to make a delicious mocktail.

Nano-Emulsified Cannabis

High Spirits Iberian Juniper 10:10 utilizes nano emulsification, a process that reduces cannabis oil particles to minuscule sizes, allowing them to be watersoluble. This makes it easier for the body to absorb the cannabis molecules, providing a rapid onset of effects and a more consistent, predictable experience.

Elixirs Engineered For Enlightenment

Alcohol Free Spirits

Mixing cannabis extract with the zesty flavors of passion fruit, ginger, and lime creates a unique and harmonious taste, with the perfect amount of natural sweetness.

Enjoy it as is, or use it to make a creative mocktail; the possibilities are endless.